We Back the NRA and We Back Dana Loesch

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by Hardeep Chawla
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Fellow Patriots,

In the wake of the tragedy at the Parkland, Florida high school, a flood of attention has been directed in several areas including local and federal responsibilities, mental health, and protection for our school children. But unfortunately, the liberal mass media and gun control advocates have exploited this sad event to push their anti-gun agenda. They have distracted attention from the real failings in this tragedy while placing the blame on one organization in particular – the NRA.

At Patriot Mobile, we proudly stand with the NRA, who steadfastly protects our Second Amendment Constitutional rights. While members of the progressive left try to demonize the institution and those who speak for it, we remain committed to them. Patriot Mobile has previously donated a portion of our proceeds to the NRA, and we will continue to do so. We must hold dear our most fundamental rights, including the Second Amendment.

Do not let gun control activists, opportunists and politicians distract us under the cloud of this tragedy. They will use sympathy, sadness, fear and frustration to twist the situation into a call to chip away our rights and our freedom. Do not be misled. Do not falter.  Do not give up today what you may never regain.

Stand up for your rights. Stand with the NRA. Stand with Patriot Mobile.

Morri Leland

CEO of Patriot Mobile

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