President Trump Signs $1.3 Trillion Spending Bill

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by Hardeep Chawla
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Fellow Patriots,

Don’t be distracted; evil is among us! And this time, it’s being facilitated by our own Republican government. While the Liberal Media spins anti-gun stories to keep us preoccupied, our government is increasing our national debt and running up the budget. You should be upset! We all should be infuriated! We are Conservatives, and part of being a Conservative is that you believe in fiscal responsibility and smaller government. This new omnibus bill does NONE of that!

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky said it best in one of his tweets: “It’s a good thing we have Republican control of Congress or the Democrats might bust the budget caps, fund planned parenthood and Obamacare, and sneak gun control without due process into an Omni … wait, what?” Paul tweeted.

For some reason, President Trump passed the budget bill, which he admits was rushed on a short time-crunch, with over 2,200 pages and no time to read in full. During his press conference, he announced that the main reason for passing the bill was to get the $80 billion in military spending, which was stripped during the last administration. We know him to be a smart businessman and his track record shows that. He has grown our economy, created thousands of jobs, and stood up to big bullies on The Hill. Why does he support this terrible omnibus bill?

Here is a breakdown of spending in this bill according to Associated Press:

Both parties touted $4.6 billion in total funding to fight the nation’s opioid addiction epidemic, a $3 billion increase. More than $2 billion would go to strengthen school safety through grants for training, security measures and treatment for the mentally ill. Medical research at the National Institutes of Health, a longstanding bipartisan priority, would receive a record $3 billion increase to $37 billion. Funding was also included for election security ahead of the 2018 midterms.

Child care and development block grants would receive a huge $2.4 billion increase to $5.2 billion. And an Obama-era transportation grant program known as TIGER would see its budget tripled to $1.5 billion. Head Start for preschoolers would get a $610 million boost, while an additional $2.4 billion would go for child care grants.

And yes, funding for Planned Parenthood remains in this bill also.

It has taken little more than six months for our national debt to grow by a trillion dollars. Yet our government claims to be Republicans, to be Conservatives? It’s time to call these RINOs out- Republicans In Name Only. We have to be the change!


Stand with us, Patriots!

Morri Leland

CEO of Patriot Mobile

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