Do Not Fear Change

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by Jeanne Williams
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Change can be intimidating. Most people don’t like it, and many people actively resist it. People thrive on a routine – on what’s comfortable, normal, and safe.

Progress comes with a cost and that usually requires change.

I’m a planner by nature. As a strike-fighter pilot in the Navy, we planned every mission beforehand. Planning accommodates for uncontrollable variables. Planning considers assumptions and prepares for unexpected incidents. It minimizes reacting so you can focus on action. Planning doesn’t eradicate those moments when “Murphy’s Law” raises its ugly head, but it does lessen the impact.

Our team at Patriot Mobile recently relocated to a new office building. Business is growing, so this was a good thing. Those in charge of the move humored me by applying a strict sense of planning towards the transition, and they did a great job.

Although the move was just a few miles down the highway, the change was significant. Everything – and everyone – feels it. The commute is different, we have more parking, we’re surrounded by other businesses that stimulate professional and positive interaction – we even have a deli in the building! Internally, we now have desks instead of tables, and the new floor layout is changing the way we communicate and collaborate. These are exciting times of change for Patriot Mobile.

The move also came with a fair share of obstacles: delivery dates were adjusted, construction projects fell behind schedule, and other things challenged the compressed schedule that we had set in place. Without a plan, the outcome would have been a discouraged team and a costly transition. A solid plan, however, positioned us on the right track for success as we celebrated our grand opening on-time and without stress.

In this case, the change we faced was a good thing, and we were prepared. When Murphy does rear its ugly head, even with flawless planning you generally have two options: you can shrink back at the trial, or welcome the strength the storm brings. We can throw in the towel, or we can “improvise, adapt, and overcome”. But note this: even heroic Marines will agree that improvisation and adaptation are best applied when starting with a solid plan from which to deviate.

At the end of the day, change may be difficult, but it is also inevitable. Plan for it, prepare for it, and embrace it.

Do not fear change, fellow Patriot. Plan for it.

Morri Leland
CEO, Patriot Mobile

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