Patriot Care


Service and support from the people who know your Phone best.

Our experts understand how everything works and can help resolve most issues in a single conversation.

Enjoy peace of mind when you buy Patriot Care for your Phone.

Patriot Care with Theft and Loss extend that coverage and give you additional features such as tech support and accidental damage coverage.

Fees and deductibles at a glance

  • Two pricing tiers based on price of the device when sold:
    • 5.99/mo for devices under $350
    • 8.99/mo for devices $350 and over
  • There is also a service fee involved in utilizing the protection plan
    • Devices under $350, service fee is 20% of the device price, minimum $50
    • Devices $350 and up, service fee is 20% of the device price, minimum $100
    • Max payout per claim is $1000
    • Patriot will not pay to compensate for lost data, Pictures & contacts.

One stop for support

What you get:

  • Peace of mind knowing your device is protected against damage, theft, and loss.
    • Members have the option to send in broken devices for repair, or have them repaired locally with reimbursement from Patriot Mobile
    • Theft coverage requires a filed police report.
  • All your service is under one roof.  Instead of dealing with a third-party protection plan provider, or phone manufacturer, Patriot Mobile can help you with everything related to your phone.  This also means your monthly payment on the protection plan continues supporting causes they believe in rather than an outside organization.
  • Support from our agents on the use of “Find My iPhone” and “Find my Android” on and
  • Our agents have the highest customer satisfaction rating in the industry, so Patriot Care gives the same great customer service.