Your Facebook Is NOT Real Patriotism

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by Hardeep Chawla
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Patriotism. It’s a word that automatically makes your chest swell up, your spine straighten up, and your head tilts a little more towards the sky. We think of the 4th of July, Air Force jets scrambling overhead, and a flag blowing in the wind as a small, childlike voice sings “America the beautiful” in the background. We are proud of our nation, and Americans traditionally have been set apart in this manner.

Yet, we are called to be better. There is a new standard arising in our country, and it is time to take notice: Patriotic Activism.

Back in the day, Patriotism was enough. We banded together as a nation because we all believed in the same ideals: the sanctity of marriage, the importance of our veterans, Anti-Communism, and a common, neighborly bond that comes from helping each other reach the American dream. But today, our country is split. We don’t have the same ideals anymore. No one knows what to think or who to believe in. We sit around and argue, and cannot seem to determine who is right and who is wrong.

Patriotic Activism is needed now more than ever. It is when Patriotism is taken to the next level- more than sharing political memes on Facebook, arguing with your In-Laws, or putting an Anti-Bernie sticker on your bumper. Now is the time to put your beliefs to action.

We need Patriots who are willing to get out there and work in the Veteran soup kitchens, polling booths, run for delegate seats, and attend political rallies. If the Facebook posts were enough, our country’s ship would already be turning back to its roots. It isn’t working!

We need more boots on the ground, affecting their sphere of influence one person at a time.

Otherwise, we just sit on our hands and reminisce about the days when a single trumpet playing “Taps” was enough to bring the nation to its knees. No longer is this the case. Reagan isn’t President. As Conservatives, we have to do more, be more, believe MORE than those out there working against us. And guess what? They’re rallying. They’re protesting. They’re getting out there and getting on television.

But they’re doing it wrong! They’re defacing property, rioting, and making a mess of our nation.

What would happen if Conservatives rallied and protested in a way that honored our Founding Fathers and our First Amendment rights? What if we took to the streets like these Liberals and put our Facebook comments to work? A billowing flag doesn’t mean the same thing to all Americans, and we can either sit around and bemoan the fact, or we can DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

So here is our Patriot Mobile challenge to you. Go put your money where your heart is. Support companies like us, PragerU, TurningPoint USA, the Heritage Foundation, and so many more that are out there, fighting for your right to post those Facebook comments. Go support a local Veteran’s association- invite one into your home for dinner, or pay for their coffee at your local coffee joint. Run for a local office, or if you do not have time for that, help support those that are.

Don’t wait for the American Flag, the White House, or pictures of our Armed Forces returning from war to make the Liberals cry and mourn for our nation because it isn’t going to happen. Those days are over. But we can influence the days ahead by putting our Patriotism into Action. We can make a change. Don’t wait! Will you join us in the fight?

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