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by Hardeep Chawla
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It’s a pleasure to contribute to the blog content for my friends at Patriot Mobile.  Their motto, “mobilizing conservatives,” is not just clever in terms of referencing the mobile phone industry… it is also exactly what we need to do moving forward to November 8.If there’s anything that I get often in the talk show world it’s:  How can I convince my conservative friends to get focused on supporting Donald Trump?

Here’s a strategy that has been working for me in three-minute conversations on radio, maybe it’ll help in the break room at work or in phone conversations with skeptical friends and family members: If you’re actually conversing with a conservative, ask what proud principle is forwarded by a Hillary Clinton presidency? (There is none, so the answer may be, shall we say, creative.)  Then ask for any issue on which she is better than he is.  Again, there is none, but here’s where you might get the suggestion that Trump and Clinton may be equally risky choices. This is absurd, but you need to find a more pleasant way to put it.

Try this: We all know the Trump ride has been a little rough at times; but when he’s on message (which he has been lately, seen the poll numbers?) it’s inspiring stuff.  Are there some un-conservative agenda items in there?  Sure. I’m not a fan of Trump trade policies.  But please.  Supreme Court justices. Our borders.  Fighting ISIS. Replacing Obamacare.  He will move is in conservative directions she is incapable of. If you then hear that Trump promises are unreliable, go for the bottom line: that assertion is based on personal distaste.  If you don’t like the guy, fine.  But you know, the world knows, that Hillary will work every day to destroy every conservative goal we have.  If President Trump bats .500 (shoot, .300!) we will be miles better off than if she wins.

Here’s the tricky little secret.  Some of the folks professing conservative objections to Trump are not being honest.  Their objection to him is evidence of their own spotty conservatism, not his.  Some people waving conservative credentials are not real fighters, especially on borders and religious freedom.

Ultimately, you may just have to (always civilly) wrap it up with the following:  We know the Trump years may contain some unknowns, and even some things we don’t favor.  But on its worst day it will be better than the nightmare of spending every day watching our rights, our economy and our war against terror eroded by a presidency we have properly feared for decades.

It’s time for focus.  The Hillary presidency must be stopped.  Once we’ve done so, after the proper celebration, let’s unite to guide the Trump presidency toward its most conservative path. Your partnership with Patriot Mobile helps in that fight every day.  They thank you, and so do I.

Catch Mark Davis in the mornings on 660 AM the Answer and don’t forget to pick up his new book, Upside Down: How the Left Turned Right into Wrong, Truth into Lies, and Good into Bad.

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