The DNC Resignations Mean Nothing

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by Hardeep Chawla
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The DNC just announced the resignation of not one, but three high-ranking officials within the Democratic Party. The CEO, Amy Dacey, along with CFO Brad Marshall and Communications Director Luis Miranda stepped down this week in wake of the leaked email scandal in which it appears that the Democratic primaries were rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Dacey is the highest-ranking official to step down so far, and is well-received in the Clinton Camp. And it is no wonder! Wouldn’t you appreciate the woman who rolled out the red carpet for your Presidential Election? But that is another conversation.

So, to date, the CEO, CFO, Communications Director, and Chairwoman of the DNC have all stepped down in the last week because of Wikileaks exposing their “covert Clinton campaign” plans.

In a CNN video article with Wikileaks Editor-in-Chief Julian Assange, (watch the full bit here: an interesting comment is made. Assange says, “No one disputes, even a single email that we have published is authentic in the DNC and not Hillary Clinton.” Before he said this, the thought that either the DNC or Clinton had not denied that the emails were real had not even crossed my mind. Did you hear that? They did not deny that the emails were true, and that it really was rigged! There were clear directions to push anti-Bernie rhetoric through the media! No one, not even the Liar Lady herself, Hillary Clinton, denies the authenticity of these emails.

What they did do, however, was push the entire scandal on Russia. They began the push to have Russia take the fall instead of those with whom the blame really lies! This Straw Man argument put the ball back in Trump’s court in the hopes that, in typical Trump fashion, he would rise to the occasion to take the bait, comment on the Russians in connection to his entire campaign, and therefore create another scandal to remove the heat from these leaked emails. How does that not make your blood boil? That is like a child being upset that he got in trouble, and so he needs to point out the trouble his sister got in so that the attention is diverted off of his impending punishment.

The point of this blog is not to rant. The point of this blog is not to change political views on any one particular candidate. The point of this blog is to ask the question, what types of things do we not know about the DNC and Hillary Clinton?

Throughout this political process, countless Clinton scandals have come out. Sometimes it seems like it is a race between the two candidates to see who can cause the most political unrest in a week. There have been so many scandals; in fact, that it seems like the Clinton campaign cannot even fight against it anymore. So instead of denying another scandal, they would rather just create a Straw Man argument, like with Trump and these supposed Russian hackers, to get out of trouble.

How many DNC leaders have to resign before we admit the system is corrupt? How many scandals do we have to go through before we recognize that there are severe issues with Hillary Clinton’s character and the characters of those she holds in high advisory regard?

I, for one, am sick of turning on the news and seeing another Clinton scandal in which she worms her way out of and somehow politically ignorant or angry minorities still support her. That’s what is most disheartening: that there are people in this country that can see issue after issue with her and still choose to cheer for her at rallies and conventions.

These resignations today mean nothing. They do not solve any issues with Clinton’s character. They do not fix our political system. They do not hold anyone accountable for rigging the primaries because Clinton is the official nominee at this point. All that happened is that four people lost their jobs. That’s it. Four out of how many million Americans? Are we not ready for something more? Are you not ready to see an America in which people and Politicians alike are all held responsible for the issues they create? Because I know I am.

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