Susan B. Anthony List- A Worthy Cause

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by Hardeep Chawla
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I had the privilege of attending the incredibly moving and inspiring 10th annual Susan B. Anthony Gala for Life event in Washington D.C. this week. Vice President, Mike Pence, was the keynote speaker and spoke about the progress conservatives are making in legislation  because of the tenaciousness of women like Marjorie Dannenfelser, President of the SBA list. At Patriot Mobile, a portion of our cell phone members bill supports Conservative causes, at no additional cost, to one of 16 incredible organizations. The Susan B. Anthony List is one of those 16 conservative organizations and deserves to be highlighted today.

The Susan B. Anthony List is an organization that works with legislators “to pass laws that protect unborn children and their mothers from abortion.” This is the political answer to the pro-life movement which fights to enact laws that will save the lives of the unborn children who have no voice.

The SBA List works with the Charlotte Lozier Institution to provide real life, actual, factual numbers to dispute the left’s damaging rhetoric. The volunteers and board members combine voter education, a strong ground game, and direct lobbying to protect the unborn and advance pro-life laws.

Their Six Point Mission is as follows:

  1. Elect pro-life women or pro-life men who oppose abortion to Congress through our SBA List Candidate Fund.
  2. Educate voters on critical pro-life issues and on upcoming legislation throughout the country.
  3. Train and equip pro-life activists nationwide to run successful political and grassroots campaigns
  4. Promote positive responses in both traditional and new media to dispel the myths and distortions of the abortion lobby.
  5. Advocate passage of pro-life legislation in Congress, directly with legislators and through mobilizing direct citizen lobbying.
  6. Connect legislative and electoral consequences through our Votes Have Consequences Program.

If the pro-life movement speaks to your heart, if you’re disgusted with the left’s willingness to advance late term abortion, if you’re fired up about the false narrative that is spewed from the mouth of anti-abortion legislators across our country, or if you’re tired of the rhetoric that you can’t be pro-woman AND pro-life, then the Susan B. Anthony List is the organization for you. JOIN THE FIGHT TODAY and become an activist for the lives of the unborn who have no voice. A simple way to do this is to join Patriot Mobile and use your cell phone bill to support this great cause. This week, Patriot Mobile was able to delivery a $5,000 check to the SBA because of the generosity of great patriots! Visit their website for more information:

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