Protecting 2nd Amendment Rights – Our NRA Annual Meeting Journey

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by Jeanne Williams
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When someone commits to stand with Patriot Mobile to support the 2nd Amendment, we take that seriously.  Our Veteran-led team isn’t just partnering with an account number, we’re doing life with a real, live, human that shares our values and has committed to support Conservative victories.

Patriot Mobile is a unique cell phone company, started by Conservatives, for Conservatives.  We partner with the NRA and other like-minded Conservative companies to fight for our right to bear arms.  We invite our members to go where we go and join us in our mission and catch our vision.  We are creating a movement that will be a beacon of support for freedom, liberty, limited government, and traditional American values.

Meet Conrad and Lyndsey Wagner

We love to have our members join us at events that fight for our freedom and Conrad and Lyndsey Wagner, Patriot Mobile members since 2018 attended NRA Annual Meeting 2019 to do experience the more than 15 acres of firearms, shooting and hunting accessories.

It’s always a special experience getting to know our members better and being able to meet them face to face. Attending an event like the National Rifle Association, gives our members a chance to experience, first-hand, what their cell phone service really supports.

This incredible couple met through their grandparents who lived in Florida and attended church together.  As they were discussing the woes of dating with Lyndsey, the conversation turned into an introduction to Conrad and his email address.  After a year of communicating online, their first date took place on the pier in St. Petersburg and the connection was instant and comfortable.  As conversations lead to moving to Indiana to date and get married, the decision was confirmed by everyone in the family and the rest of this love story is unfolding as they have been blessed with 2 young children.  Staying true to their online communication style, their journey to Patriot Mobile was also found online within a Reddit chat.  As they were searching for a way to escape the current unsatisfactory cell phone service relationship they were in, they called Patriot Mobile where they were treated with respect, kept the same phone number they’d had for 14 years and the benefit of the technical expertise of our US-based team.  To top it all off, a portion of our bill goes to the conservative causes we believe in and we are never turning back!   The personal relationship we’ve developed with the Patriot Mobile team through their social media is amazing!  Lyndsey has even won a book signed by Dana Loesch.

Building a Legacy for Future Generations

The invite to NRA Annual Meeting came with a flurry of activities that most parents with young children keep today – Lyndsey and Conrad wanted to make it work, and they arranged to join us over the weekend when neither of them had to work.  While they had an incredible trip and cherished the time spent together without the kids, they made a point to stop by Patriot Mobile’s Booth #4927 at the NRA Annual Meeting to visit with our team.  They took it all in and in the end, we couldn’t believe their response –“We had a great time and enjoyed hanging out with you guys.  It made Patriot Mobile even better meeting your team and seeing how awesome you are!  Thanks again for all you have done for us.”

Making the Simple Switch

When I co-founded Patriot Mobile in 2012, Lyndsey and Conrad Wager were exactly the loyal Conservatives that we had in mind to join us in the fight.  We need more Conservatives across the US to stand up and join us.  Our country’s freedoms are being challenged every single day.  If our right to bear arms is taken away, we won’t be getting them back!  Join Conrad, Lyndsey, and thousands of Americans in the fight to protect Constitutional rights. Join the Patriot Mobile family today.

Glenn Story 
CFO and Co-Founder, Patriot Mobile


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