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by Hardeep Chawla
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On Monday, a man in his fifties walked into a school, greeted the front office staff, and went to visit his estranged wife as she was teaching her class of elementary aged, special needs students. Once in the room, he quickly shot his wife, and then took his own life. Two young students were standing near her, and therefore were shot as well. One of the students died later that day after being care-flighted to the nearest hospital.

It was a horrible, horrible tragedy in San Bernardino, California, a city that already has suffered from different acts of violence. How could this have been prevented? Would stricter gun laws have saved this teacher and her students? Probably not, seeing as the State of California has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation. Anti-Gun activists cannot say that it was because the shooter used a “semi-automatic assault weapon” because it was a .357-caliber revolver. They can’t say that it was a stranger who walked into the school with a gun blazing- they knew him as the husband of a teacher, and he was a familiar, friendly face. (Read the story here:

So what could have been done? Given the fact that it seems like the killer was quickly intent on killing only his wife and himself, it seems like little could have been done. But, what about her two teacher’s aides in the room? What if we had laws that would allow teachers to conceal-carry on campus? Could those aides have stopped him before he killed himself? Or hurt one of the children?

In America, we have double standards for everything. The same people who want no restrictions on gender, marriage, or bathrooms want every restriction on the economy, healthcare, and guns. They want all of the freedoms without any of the responsibility. In their minds, it is better to give all authority and responsibility to the Government because the Government is the most effective form of protection. What they fail to realize, is that the Government is only as effective as people are righteous. Thugs, criminals, and husbands who want to kill their wives will not be stopped by the Government. But the righteous people, the people who want to do the right thing, will be at the mercy of the thugs if the Government is not able to get there in time. We essentially disarm the good guys while allowing the bad guys their guns.

My gun makes you safer. Every time you walk into the mall, you don’t know that I’m carrying, but I sure do. I look for the signs that allow me to conceal carry, and I obey them. I know how to use my firearm, and I train with it often. I followed all of the laws and regulations to purchase it and then carry it as I do.

My gun is standing behind you every time you feel uncomfortable at that dark truck stop, walk across a dark parking lot, and it sits with me on the ground in my purse as we watch a movie in a crowded movie theater (think 2012 Aurora, CO shooting I want to protect myself, and in doing so, I help protect the people around me. You need to stop thinking “That would never happen to me!” and start thinking “What will I do when this happens?” Because, honey, that shooter on Monday was not stopped by innocent children or gun laws or the aides in the room. He went into the school with the intent to kill. You need to carry a gun, or allow me to carry a gun, with the intent to protect. Because my gun makes YOU safer. I am the guardian for you and your children and your friends. Because when has the Government ever been fast enough? Or smart enough? Or ever present? Oh right! That was 1984 by George Orwell - and we all saw how well that turned out! Protect me and my rights as I work every day to project yours.

A Second-Amendment Citizen


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