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by Jeanne Williams
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Patriot Mobile proudly supports FRC Action and had the opportunity of sponsoring their Watchman on the Wall 2019:  Let Us Build event. 

Why is this an important “need to know” for our loyal Patriot Mobile members and all Conservatives throughout the US?  Here are just a few reasons:

  • Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO.) boldly reminded us, “If we’re willing to fight now, it really is going to change the trajectory of this country in the next 40 or 50 years”
  • “We live in a culture of excuses,” Al Robertson said. “It’s up to men and women who understand biblical truth to speak out. Recognize evil for what it is, call it out, and speak truth.”
  • Times Square Church’s Senior Pastor Carter Conlon’s inspired word, “It’s Time to Pray. We are not called to be an argument about who God is. We are called to be an expression of who God is. There is a huge difference between the two.”

Lisa Bennett, Marketing Director of Patriot Mobile, recaps the inspired agenda:

An agenda carefully planned for more than 400 pastors and their spouses included the eye-opening Spiritual Heritage Tour of U.S. Capitol led by David Barton, who Time Magazine named in “The 25 Most Influential Evangelicals in America” followed by the incredible history filled halls at Museum of the Bible reception as well as an evening back at the hotel for worship and  prayer with Pastors, Jeremy Dailey, and Deamon Scapin.  While this inspired 1st day ended just after 9 pm, energy abounded each morning as we were led by Rev. Pierre Bynum of FRC for prayer and worship around the U.S Capital at 6:15 am.  More worship and prayer followed by Tony Perkins welcome along with sessions and panels that challenged each of us to rebuild the real wall in our communities, city schools, supporting law enforcement and local government through the network of churches in our city, state, and region.  It’s as if time stood still and limitless energy drove my interest to wake again early for more prayer at 6:15 am around the Supreme Court.  While many cases are being heard and tirelessly fought for to protect our Freedom of Speech and Religious Freedom, we must pray without ceasing, continue to fight and support to ensure these values are protected.  The faithful team at FRC is committed to doing just that and that is why Patriot Mobile proudly supports their efforts with a portion of every bill paid to our nationwide network.  With powerful messages that spanned the political, the cultural, and the personal, it was impossible to sit in the roomful of God’s people and not sense the growing excitement and renewed commitment that more than 15,000 pastors across the nation have taken on through participating in Watchman on the Wall. 

Experience Watchman on The Wall for yourself

Don’t miss a second of the life-changing moments from this year’s event. Click over to the Watchmen website and choose from a whole range of speakers, panels, and topics to watch on demand.


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